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Age 28,26
Birthday 1981-12-20,1984-11-08
Nationality filipino
Zodiac Sign sagittarius,capricorn
Height 169cm – 5′ 7″,171cm – 5′ 7″
Build/Body type slim
Eye Color brown
Hair color black,brown
Measurements 32″ a-24″-35″,33″ a-24″-35″
Favorite Position all positions
Favorite toy fingers
Most unusual place I had sex at the restaurant
Fantasy many mens
Turnons man who knows what he wants
Turn-offs cowards
Favorite Food traditional food
Hobbies sex
Music trance
Description we are the hottest shemale now in this site and we would like to let you know that you wont regret taking us in our private show! you will love it!
BestFeature face
KinkyCumzTSs gets off when people watch her masturbate live.

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